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Q Cut is a vibrant boutique hairdressing salon in the heart of Kew Gardens offering a wide range of exclusive services in both Hair and Beauty. The Salon Director - David Hayes' creative talent, inspiration and experience opened the salon in 1984. In his earlier career he was trained by "Marc Young" travelling the world working in the Fashion industry.

In January of 2009, Q cut expanded as David's son Syd joined the team. Syd introduces the latest fashion trends and buzz straight from the catwalks of New York, Paris, Milan and London. He trained in London under Nicky Clarke and Daniel Hersheson until moving on to join the creative team of "Guido" Redken Worldwide Creative Director to focus entirely on the catwalk high end fashion market.

With his youthful, creative flair and keen enthusiasm Syd expands the portfolio of services the team can offer, combining traditional skills and expertise with a more dynamic fashion approach that ensures your experience is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Q Cut's Team is managed and now led by Alicia who will

ensure that your needs are met via an extensive consultation process that reviews your style aspirations in conjunction with your current look, face shape and skin tone to find the style that suits you.

The team objective is to enable you to relax and enjoy your experience, as the professional staff take into account your lifestyle to make sure your style looks fantastic as you leave but also manageable the week after.

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